Vic Spencer Drops His Latest Project “If George Bush Was Cool”

Vic Spencer Drops His Latest Project “If George Bush Was Cool”. The project contains a total of 14 tracks. It features guest appearances by Grafh, Estee Nack, Koncept Jackson, Kandice Nichol. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as trhe Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.


01. WMIZ World Premier (Prod. By JLVSN)
02. The New Nobody (Prod. By CJ)
03. Cottage Grove Seminars (Feat. Grafh) (Prod. By Graymatter)
04. Basement Flu (Prod. By Don Carrera)
05. Excellent Operations (Prod. By Bloodblixing)
06. Bonnet Doo Rags (Feat. Estee Nack & Koncept Jack$on) (Prod. By Dibia$e)
07. Permjuice (Prod. By Earl Saga)
08. Freelance Shooter (Prod. By Sovren)
09. Brilliant Desires (Prod. By Dot Org)
10. Chronic Medley (Prod. By The Standouts)
11. Rearranged King (Prod. By Jevon Suggs)
12. Tripping Blvd (Feat. Kandice Nichol) (Prod. By Shadowed Sounds)
13. Phlegmulus Package (Prod. By KNGKVMI)
14. Minor Sacrifices (Prod. By Virtuosoclean)

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