Vellione Drops His Latest Project “DMS”

Vellione Drops His Latest Project “DMS”. The album by the oakland rap artist contains a total of 25 tracks. It features guest appearances by J Stalin, Stevie Joe, Mistah F.A.B., Veezy, TJ Marion, Young Spudd, C Mad and Gabby Allong. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the album. As well as the spotify link provided for streaming purposes.

  1. Afroducation
  2. Rick Ross Beat
  3. King Nip
  4. Memories Alive f. Mistah F.A.B. & Veezy
  5. Fightin’ Demonz
  6. When You Need It f. Veezy
  7. Cutthoatz & Dealers
  8. Self Defense Story
  9. Think They Hard
  10. Pull Up f. J Stalin & Veezy
  11. Joan Howard
  12. King (skit)
  13. Little People
  14. Rules To The Game
  15. Debra Mattie Son
  16. Chowchilla
  17. 8th & Filbert
  18. Say No To Hennessy
  19. Time f. Stevie Joe & TJ Marion
  20. Better Than Befo
  21. In Them Streetz f. Veezy
  22. Iron Man f. Young Spudd
  23. Stronger f. C Mad, TJ Marion & Gabby Allong
  24. Last Wordz
  25. No Remedy f. J Stalin & TJ Marion

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