Vega7 The Ronin & Superior Talk Sleep Is The Cousin. His Name, Lead Lined Wall, Separating Art & Ego

For this episode VEGA7 THE RONIN gives the platform his very first video interview & joined by past guest from Germany our guy SUPERIOR! We talk about how they first came across one another, Superior giving 101 percent with each of his releases & who he works with, Vega’s very first project with Machcha & the reception it received, the recording process of Sleep Is The Cousin & Superior saying this his best production as of right now, Does Vega feel the pressure with sophomore release with him being super humbled, separating the artist & ego, how money can affect the art, why the name Vega 7 The Ronin & Superior, how they build when working with others & being very selective. How they will always be supporters of each other, Their takes on doing interviews, & much more

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