Vanilla Ice explains Suge Knight incident in Las Vegas on “Sway in the Morning”

One of the most-told industry stories is when Vanilla Ice found himself confronted by Suge Knight and other henchmen for Death Row Records. A dispute erupted over royalties and things came to a head in Las Vegas. Staying at the same hotel, Suge Knight and his men would catch up with Vanilla Ice, where they held him over a hotel balcony.

In recent years, Vanilla Ice has talked about this incident. With a decade and a half passing since this transpired, Vanilla Ice said the story has been exaggerated. Vanilla Ice admitted there was a situation and he did indeed face off with Suge Knight. Instead of being held over a balcony, however, Vanilla Ice said they held his head over the balcony.

Sway Calloway recently sat down with Vanilla Ice for his Shade 45 morning show, “Sway in the Morning.” During the interview, Sway Calloway would also ask Vanilla Ice about what really happened in Las Vegas. Continuing his clarification of what happened in Vegas (which obviously did not stay in Vegas), Vanilla Ice told the “real” story.

Watch the entire interview below:

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