Uzi – I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up

“I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up” stands as the third official release from Uzi’s upcoming project, “Riot Control”. Within “I Just Came To Get Dekcuf Up”, the always energetic Uzi finds solace with America’s favorite, albeit temporary, departure from sobriety – alcohol. Uzi navigates through concise verses with his signature frenetic flow detailing the gripes of a blue collar worker lifestyle. These grievances are reduced to mere afterthoughts once the liquor is poured and the party is started since nothing else matters but having a wild time. Legal Money Beatz provides another monster backdrop, this time driven by a stellar Starfox sample and a thumping 808 kick drum. The combination of a sharp violin joined by classical keys and mixed brass presence provide the perfect blend of turmoil to turn any function up a notch. This is a playlist must have for anyone’s next drunken shindig.

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