Tyler Skyy’s Dear Forever

Tyler Skyy‘s Dear Forever is the definition of artistic expression, from start to finish. Collaborations with names such as BDice, Northwest Division, and JayKin, as well as rising Vancouver stars like Carley Belfrey and 17-year old Neyvone allow lovers of many genres to enjoy the album. The highly anticipated single “Smiling” released may 5th (in support of the charity Ronald McDonald House BC) is also featured on the project. This song presented Tyler the opportunity to work with Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit Children’s Choir.

Throughout this record, 21-year old Tyler describes the details of his past heart surgeries and the struggles of moving away from home at a young age to pursue music while keeping a positive message throughout; no matter where you are, Point Up. Tyler is currently living in Vancouver and has spent over 15 months developing and perfecting this project. Dear Forever is his most mature work to date. It’s release has filled his fans, friends, and family with pride and joy. 

Although working a full-time job and dedicating himself fully to his music is a struggle in itself, Tyler plans perform at a number of local venues to promote Dear Forever. At the end of the day, relaying the a positive message is the focal point of his dream.
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