Ty Farris Drops His Latest Project “Enigma with an Attitude”

Ty Farris Drops His Latest Project “Enigma with an Attitude”. th project contains a total of 12 tracks. Production is handled by Futurewave, Really Hiiim, August Fanon, Don Carrera, Wino Willy, Wavy Da Ghawd, Camoflauge Monk, Brooks XY, Animoss, Don the Jeweler. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project as well as the Itunes link


[01:07] 01. Riddler Meets Jigsaw
[03:33] 02. Alchemy in the Trenches [Prod. Futurewave] [03:01] 03. Riddles from a Ruger [Prod. Brooks XY] [02:59] 04. Puzzle Full of Pistols [Prod. Animoss] [02:32] 05. Mind of the Jigsaw [Prod. Really Hiiim] [03:10] 06. The Man, The Myth, The Mystery [Prod. August Fanon] [03:01] 07. The Enigma [Prod. Don Carrera] [02:39] 08. True Identity [Prod. Don the Jeweler] [02:53] 09. Villain with the Smile [Prod. Brooks XY] [03:08] 10. Who Got the Answers feat. DJ Grazzhoppa [Prod. Wino Willy] [02:49] 11. 3rd Eye Never Lie [Prod. Wavy Da Ghawd] [02:40] 12. Enigma with an Attitude feat. DJ Grazzhoppa [Prod. Camoflauge Monk]


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