Twisted Insane – The Last Demon Available Now

Horror-Core rapper Twisted Insane is back with his latest installment “The Last Demon”, is his 5th solo effort 22 track movie in audio form. Featuring Strange Muzik Recording artist Rittz, Jelly Roll, Kamikazi, Khadijah Lopez and more. This album is now available online via all your favorite digital retail outlets.

1 The Initial High
2 The Last Demon
3 ILL Smith (feat. Rittz)
4 N.T.S.
5 Die Slow
6 I Went Insane (feat. Jelly Roll)
7 Quit
8 Dreamin
9 I Created War
10 Speak of the Devil
11 Slippin (feat. Khadijah Lopez)
12 Insanes Interlude
13 Fee Fi Fo Fum (feat. Iso)
14 Behind the Mask
15 Floor Boards (feat. Kamikazi)
16 Fusion (feat. Charlie Ray)
17 Life After Death (feat. Aqualeo)
18 Gangsta
19 Make It Out of This Room
20 Spell On You
21 Somethin Scary
22 The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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