Turk Talks Hot Boys Reunion

Former Hot Boy Turk is re-establishing his hip-hop career after a lengthy prison stint. Following some recordings alongside his old bandmates B.G., Juvenile and Lil Wayne, Turk spoke to HipHopDX about the prospects of an official reunion.

“We can’t officially come back together. We came back together on this song. I couldn’t leave B.G. out,” Turk says. “Me and him talk a lot over the phone, and we talk on email—you know the feds got email, they got MP3’s and all that. And, I had an idea for him to get on the “Zip It” re-remix, ‘cause I did the “Zip It” remix with Juve once me and Wayne did [the original]. And it came out real good. He rapped over the phone. It’s on point, everything’s on tune. It’s a Hot Boys reunion. I call it a Hot Boys reunion, ‘cause I’m the first one who did it. I didn’t leave B.G. out of it. I know B.G., Juve and Wayne did a song, [“Ya Heard Me”], and they left me out of it. Not saying they did that on purpose like saying, “f**k Turk;” they didn’t have the access [to me] that I have to B.G.”

“The heart of a man, it could change; sometimes it gets hard, sometimes it gets soft. And, when you dealing with a lot of money and you dealing with a lot of talent, you dealing with a lot of ego and pride,” he explains. “With that being said, I don’t know what God got in store for the old Cash Money clique…would there ever be a Hot Boys reunion. But, it’s all love. And right now, my situation, it’s just friendly competition. Okay, YMCMB doing they thing; Baby doing his thing, Wayne doing this thing, and Turk doing this thing. It’s just competition, like [how] we used to be in the studio. It ain’t no real beef going on—not with me. But, it is beef with this music and trying to get to the top and make things happen the way it need to be happening for YNT Empire—where visions get inspired—‘cause I’m ‘bout to take over 2013, man.

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