Troy Ave Tells His SIde of Irving Plaza Shooting from Jail | Im Innocent!

Troy Ave’s BSB Records team released their jailed artist’s “Free Troy Ave” mixtape on Monday (June 6), and listeners who waited in hopes for a first hand account of the Irving Plaza shooting got exactly what they had wished for. The album, which was originally set to be titled “Real Vs Fake”, weaves a beginning, middle, and end which gives Troy’s version of the events that took place on May 25, and speaks faith that he will beat the case. The 12 track offering closes with a bonus track in his lost friend, Ronald “Banga” McPhatter’s name.

“Locked in a jail but I’m going to get free/ I wear icy gold chains, can’t no brass break me/ pu**y ni**a tried to assassinate me, I took the gun from him and turned the tables around like a G,” Troy opens the record by spitting. The a cappela, which sounds like it was, and can be presumed to have been recorded over the telephone, goes on to state his defense, ending: “I’m innocent/ it ain’t the end of Troy Ave, not at all, this is just the beginning/ I’m innocent, unless you charging me with being real from the very beginning”

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