Tory Lanez Talks “Love Me Now?”, Raising His Son, Importance Of Mental Health & More [Video]

episode 3, Tory and Nick talk about how having a son changed him, not wanting his son to go through the hardships he went through but also not wanting him to be a brat. Tory and Nick debate whether to send their kids to public or private school. Tory talks about the importance of mental awareness and encourages fans to look into ways to learn more about their mental health. As the interview switches subjects, Tory says that he wanted to approach Love Me Now? without the pressure that he puts into making an album. Tory wanted the music that he made for the new project to feel good, saying that this is the first time he sees music in pure color. Episode 3 ends with Tory sharing his near death experience on a private plane and what was going through his mind at the moment. Tune in to the final episode on Friday!


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