Hip-Hop’s finest Todd “Too $hort” Shaw unveils his highly anticipated EP dubbed “19,999” just shy of celebrating 30 years in the game. The West Coast trailblazer has dropped a creative lyric video for his well received newest single “19,999 B*TCHES” exclusively on

“Hip-Hop has no boundaries. I’m going out like I came in, making good music. I’m on stage in front of OG’s, 80’s babies and 90’s babies and everybody loves it, so there’s no way I can stop now because I still love doing what I do and it’s still a damn good job,” the rap artist says.

Too $hort’s “19,999” EP is a precursor to his upcoming 16th studio album commemorating his 30 successful years in the music business and slated to drop early next year. Always the businessman, Too $hort recently launched his state of the art digital production facility “The Magic Gate” in Studio City, California, along with co-founder and industry vet Monica Payne. The executive plans to stay true to his vision of empowering and providing opportunities for talented artists on the rise.

“[Next year] is about making a big statement, not just for myself but for all of Hip-Hop; 30 years and counting…the achievement speaks for itself. Hip-Hop has been going strong 40 plus years and it’s not going away anytime soon,” notes Too $hort. “The state of Hip-Hop right now is 100% business. It’s all about branding and making money. Kids these days love Hip-Hop the same way we loved it as kids. Older Hip-Hop heads have been saying for years they don’t like the new music. I say, there’s something out there for everybody so if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it and don’t hate the next man’s hustle. I love to see my young homies having money and enjoying life.”


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