Too $hort: My Best Verse is on Dre’s “Detox”

Despite having several platinum plaques on his wall and a highly respected rap career spanning an unthinkable 30-years, Too $hort recently revealed that his best rap verse has still yet to be released. The Oakland legend told Hip-Hop DX that “the best verse I ever spit in my life is over there in Dr. Dre’s studio,” which may never be released, considering it’s slated to be on Dre’s now mythological “Detox” album.

“It’s the hardest I ever worked on a verse and I didn’t even write it, but the way he directed me was just insane. When he played it back I was like, ‘Holy shit! Is that me?'”

Too $hort added, “People would come to me and ask me to play that song I did with him, but I haven’t heard it since I was in the studio with him. I heard in the studio and haven’t heard it since. It’s a big mystery to me, too. His verse, my verse, he’s got all kinds of people. I hope I make the Detox album.”

Too $hort aslo revealed that he didn’t actually write the verse for the track.

“Kurupt’s little brother, Roscoe [wrote the song]. He already knew what he wanted me to say. He came up to me saying, ‘I want you to do something different.’ It’s Dr. Dre, you know what I’m saying? He likes to be an inventor. He wanted Too Short like nobody’s ever seen or heard Too Short before, and that’s what he got.”


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