Tonight On The Whitey Bulger Show

Tonight on this Edition of the Whitey Bulger Show, Whitey checks in after his trip to Austin for SXSW. He talks about his experience watching Wu-Tang and plays music from a few artists he met while in Texas. Whitey brings the show back to the East Coast with a interview with Popa Wu Records recording artist Free Murda. Free Murda is the son of Popa Wu and has been a rapper since the age of 15 when he first started appearing in RZA presents projects. Now at the age of 32 and with a son of his own,

Free Murda aka Freedom is focused on his professional music career like never before. Whitey Bulger personally watched the man tear the stage up at various venues throughout SXSW 2015. Free Murda explains his newest LP release “Yellow Tape” to Whitey and where the project came from. Also catch a brand new single by Free Murda featuring: D&G titled “Cold World” . This single isn’t even for sale yet but it’s already making some noise on the airwaves in New York City.

The show concludes with a few tracks from some indie artists Whitey met while at the SXSW 2015 Conference in Austin, tune in 6pm at
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