Tonight On H.E.R Rapper Big June & Tha Wrongkind President Cee Jay

Tonight on High End Radio, Tha Wrongkind co-founder Cee Jay links up with H.E.R.’s Joe Blakk & Mr Caypre to discuss “Taco Shop”, it’s meaning, “Triggeration Station 2” & more, You will hear all the answers to all your questions. Also on tonight’s show San Diego rap vet, Big June pulls up to discuss his new album “Lost Times”, the high profile production credits,(Dave Moss,Mac James,Loose Lyric,& more) To how personal the album is to him. Dj Nightfall in the mix with The HOTTEST indy hip hop, new music from Cee Wee 3 ,Oso Ocean, Adonis Tha Hottest & More!!!  Tune in at 6pm pst 9pm est.

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