Tim Dog is dead at the age of 46

During the height of the feud between the East and West Coast hip hop scene, Tim Dog rose to fame. Though he was a rapper from New York City, when he was coming up, record executives only wanted artists from Los Angeles, or had that style. Unable to conform and frustrated with the frequent disses, Tim Dog released his “Fuck Compton” single.

Immediately, Tim Dog rose to fame off the success of the single. “Fuck Compton” became the anthem for New York City. Tim Dog enjoyed various forms of success off the single, as Dr. Dre took aim at Tim Dog on his “Fuck Wit Dre Day” single with Snoop Dogg. Dissing Eazy-E, NWA, and Uncle Luke, Tim Dog is dissed at the end of the song.

The feud was ended long ago, but Tim Dog’s claim to fame continues to be his “Fuck Compton” single. Close to two decades after the biggest feud in the rap game, Tim Dog has since been in the background. Today, he made headlines, but it is not for reasons many would hope, as he died after having a seizure through complications of diabetes.

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