Custom Air Max 1s Are Inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s Anti-Gang Message

Kendrick Lamar’s first collaborative sneaker, the “Neutral” Reebok Ventilator, has already sold out far and wide, but one customizer decided to take the theme into his own hands.

Using a pair of Nike Air Max 1s as the base, Reddit user i_nate took Kendrick’s street gang unification concept one step further by draping each toe box in alternating blue and red paisley prints.

While it’s definitely a much less subtle approach to getting the message across, the execution works well, and adds a “Lance Mountain” Jordan 1-like vibe that many will appreciate. The customs are finished off with “i” tongue tags, which is a reference to Kendrick’s controversial cover art for the single.

For now, it doesn’t appear that the artist has any plans to create more of these, but check back soon just in case.

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