The Whitey Bulger Show Debuting Christmas Day on 6pm Pst

  Tune In Live Christmas Day at 6pm PST for the Debut airing of The Whitey Bulger Show on Siccness.Net.
Whitey Bulger is an East Coast native living in California and working in the Music Industry. The show focuses on Real Interviews with Industry Legends and Rising stars with a unique look at the business of The Rap Industry. His show will air Thursdays at 6pm On the Siccness Net work Tune in by clicking listen now on the Home page.


  Episode 1 of The Whitey Bulger Show starts with an interview of Young Pro from Support Street Music Group out of Houston, Texas. Young Pro is an up and coming Rapper/Producer. His LP “The Painful Truth” is available right now and his Freshman LP “Cali Made Texas Paid” drops In January 2015. He is a real contender for being the best new Rap star of 2015. Never forgetting his Southern California Roots, but also embracing his Texas living situation, Young Pro has a blend in the sound to his music that is Very Unique.


  Episode 1, follows up with an interview with Buddy Cuz of Swanga Boi Music Group and Ball Hog Gang from Mullins, South Carolina. Buddy has his Freshman LP “Chevrolet Music” currently available worldwide. He has been in the game for a while, but until this project never focused on Rap as a Career. The change in focus has proven to be a Smart Idea, he makes dope Country Rap Tunes in the style of Pimp C and Big Crit.


  The show continues with an interview of Money Mouth Entertainment CEO (Money Mouth) the President Tygeez and Artist Petro.These Cats are an up and coming Operation out of San Diego. They make beats, own a label and a studio, produce and sign artists and also shoot Videos. They have an upcoming January release “My Bros Keeper”. Money Mouth and Tygeez break down whats on the horizon for them in 2015 and beyond.


  To Finish out Episode 1 Whitey Bulger brought out the Big Guns and pulled all Stops with his final guest, Mr. Mitchy Slick from San Diego California. This West Coast Rap legend and CEO of Wrong Kind does a candid 15 minute uncut interview with Whitey about his current music, whats going on in San Diego with the release of “Hood Pass Vol.1” and all the progress being made by the city in the industry.Mitchy even Shouts Out a few local artists he sees making a Splash in 2015 Nationally. Finally he lets us know what hes listening to know and whats Up Next from Wrong Kind.


  In addition to each of these interviews, Whitey Bulger plays full EXCLUSIVE MUSIC from each artist as well as other artists from Across the Country. If you are interested in having your music played on the show its as simple as emailing. So Tune in and See if he Plays Your “FIRE” and also listen to some dope music and interviews. The New Tradition Starts Christmas Day 2014 @ 6pm PST on Www.Siccness.Net The Siccness Network “The Last Sanctuary For Gangsta Rap”.

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