The Trial of Robert “Pimpsy” Banks & Tony Lil Playdough” Brown

It was anxious day on Wednesday November 28th, knowing that not only would I be going to cover a story of such importance to our community, city and state, but this story touches home just a little more. Robert Banks aka PIMPSY and Tony Brown aka Lil Playdough are friends of mine, so it’s safe to say my bias in this case goes without saying. However to the matter at hand, if you’ve been under a rock or not from San Diego (not saying this story hasn’t made national news) you’ve probably heard about the 2014 Federal indictment of 24 young men from the North Park section of San Diego. Included in that indictment were Tony Brown and Robert Banks with charges stemming from racketeering conspiracy, drug sales, trafficking of a minor to name a few. Recently a federal jury found the two defendants guilty of the Conspiracy to Conduct Enterprise Affairs through a Pattern of Racketeering Activity at the conclusion of the two week trial back on October 3rd. The jury also found them guilty of the sex trafficking of a minor and transportation of a minor for prostitution. Each of these counts carries sentences of 20 yrs that could potentially put these young men away until 2036 if not longer.

Sentencing was set to begin the week of TG, but due to the holiday the date was pushed back until the 28th to ensure all matters of the case were heard.  As the day arrives family members and friends gather to show support for the young men with their lives in the hands of US Federal Court Judge Houston. Robert Bank’s mother, sister, nephew, son and son’s mother are among the attendees in the court room. Tony Brown has his son’s mother and closest friends also there in support. The sentencing set to begin at 230p started promptly at 3p when the Federal Marshals brought the two defendants into the courtroom and Judge Houston brought the court to order at 305p. After back and forth between the prosecution and Banks and Browns lawyers, about the statue of limitations of the crime, and government misconduct Judge Houston decided that there would not be enough time to get all the details and objection heard before announcing how much time the men could face. It’s in his best interest not to hastily make a decision on such a high profile case. The sentencing was postponed until the 30th of November and after a 1p start to get the ball rolling on final arguments, the judge once again postponed sentencing until 1045a on December 8th. All those who would like to show your support the sentencing will take place at the Federal Court Building 333 Broadway 13th floor San Diego Ca 92101. Below are the address to write these young men and tell them they’re in your prayers and thoughts. Stay tuned in to and High End Radio for the latest on this and other breaking stories.

Robert Banks III
808 Union St.
San Diego, CA 92101

Tony Brown 15872408
220 W C St.
San Diego Ca. 92101


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