The Stonah4rmThaTown Interview: Fruit Town Piru, Attempted Murder Charge, Getting Shot in The Neck


00:00 Intro

0:31 – Knows the other J stone, was locked up with him

6:48 – Centennial HS is one of the reasons he became a b___, starting to bang in middle school

9:35 – Getting caught with a g__ at 14

19:11 – Someone robbing a person while wearing his jacket then giving it back, cops pulling up on him with g___ drawn

22:21 – Playing basketball for Compton Community College

23:48 – One of his homies being ___ by Compton Crips

31:45 – Firing down the street at the ops with two hands, being sh___ at by the sheriffs

40:23 – Doing 5 years, his boy snitching immediately when he got caught

44:19 – Being called and notified that Soulja Boy is from the hood

53:35 – His girlfriend snitching on him for having a warrant, his baby moms tried to take his son

1:06:28 – Being s___ in the neck, having a seizure and a stroke

1:19:03 – Pushing his YouTube channel forward, not being a gang banger anymore but always being a gang member

1:21:50 – Advice for the youth, don’t gangbang if you are not really trying to gangbang






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