The Professionals (Oh No x Madlib) Connect To Drop Their Latest Self Titled Album “The Professionals”

Brothers Oh No & Madlib connect to drop their collabo album entitled The Professionals. The album contains a total of 12 tracks. It features guest appearances by Chino Xl, Elzhi. It also features a bonus CD containing the albums instrumentals. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the album. As well as the spotify link provided for streaming purposes

CD 1:

  1. My House
  2. The Pros
  3. Payday
  4. Give N Take
  5. Superhumans (Feat. Elzhi & Chino XL)
  6. Buggin
  7. CDP Smackdown
  8. Timeless Treasure
  9. I Jus Wanna
  10. Away Too Long
  11. Make Due
  12. Tired Atlas
  13. Dishonored Valor

CD 2: Instrumentals

  1. The Pros (Instrumental)
  2. Payday (Instrumental)
  3. Give N Take (Instrumental)
  4. Superhumans (Instrumental)
  5. Buggin (Instrumental)
  6. CDP Smackdown (Instrumental)
  7. Timeless Treasure (Instrumental)
  8. I Jus Wanna (Instrumental)
  9. Away Too Long (Instrumental)
  10. Make Due (Instrumental)
  11. Tired Atlas (Instrumental)
  12. Dishonored Valor (Instrumental)

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