The Musalini Drops His Latest Project “Return Of The Oro”

The Musalini Drops His Latest Project “Return Of The Oro”. The Project contains a total of 19 tracks. It features guest appearances by Izzy Hott, Ransom, Rasheed Chappell, G4 Jag, Q Stilla & more. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the Project. As well as the spotify link provided for streaming purposes.



01. Intro (prod. by Frado180)
02. Peach (prod. by DK)
03. Bad Guy (prod. by Clypto)
04. Fuck Wit Me feat. Izzy Hott (prod. by Calico)
05. Blood Diamonds feat. O Finess (prod. by Clypto)
06. MOB (prod. by Es Ey El)
07. Looking Single feat. Putwork (prod. by Calico)
08. Players Ball (prod. by Calico)
09. Halo feat. Ransom (prod. by Clypto)
10. All Money (prod. by Calico)
11. 1 Train feat. Emilio Craig (prod. by Risktaker P)
12. Massage Chair feat Risktaker P (prod. by Skinny White Beats)
13. The Mack (prod. by DJ Dan)
14. Survive feat. G4 Jag & Q Stilla (prod. by Frado180)
15. Pimp R Us (prod. by Calico)
16. Talk 2 U feat. Rasheed Chappell (prod. by Calico)
17. Rosie Perez (prod. by Jose Cienfuegos)
18. Pick N Move feat. Emilio Craig (prod. by Frado180)
19. Bonus (prod. by Skinny White Beats)


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