The Last Breed Tonight On the Whitey Bulger Show

The Last Breed Tonight On the Whitey Bulger Show. The rap group with members from Charleston, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia stops by to talk with Whitey. The group was formerly signed to Loud Records and Whitey discusses their past, present and future. Whitey Bulger goes in depth with the group about their marketing of the music they create. We also discuss their recent release “Solid” and their upcoming release “Red, White and Blue”. The Group, made up of members: Booda Cess, Sporty B and Big Cheeze discuss the deep track “Red, White and Blue” and racism in America. This interview is one that everyone should get some knowledge from.

Following that up we have Dallas resident and San Diego Native Mic Skot checking in and debuting his new single “[email protected] Around”. The musician discusses his career path and production of the new track. Once again it is a coast to coast, can’t miss episode of The Whitey Bulger Show powered by Siccness.Net.


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