The Game Discusses 40 Glocc Lawsuit

During the summer, Game made headlines when his feud with 40 Glocc escalated to new heights. In several interviews, Game and 40 Glocc have said they would end up fighting. As is the status quo in the rap game, both rappers said they would easily win if they fought.

However, one afternoon in July, Game and 40 Glocc came face-to-face after several diss records and tough talking in interviews. Visiting a party of a mutual friend, the two exchanged words. Once 40 Glocc saw Game enter the party, he began making preparations to leave, but was followed outside.

Game beat 40 Glocc, while filming the fight with his iPhone. Later, citing his “gangsta” image being ruined, 40 Glocc filed a lawsuit against Game. Since then, Game has discussed the lawsuit in several interviews. The Wall Street Journal recently talked to Game about this during their recent interview with him.

In this excerpt of WSJ “Business of Celebrity” show host Lee Hawkins’s interview with Jayceon Taylor AKA “The Game”, Taylor discusses his feud with rapper 40 Glocc and the business and lawsuits that can often be generated as the result of hip-hop rivalries.

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