The First Woman Rapper MC Sha Rock Talks Nicki Minaj, Sugar Hill Records, & Her Movie Project

Interview With First Woman Rapper MC Sha Rock; Her Legacy And Hip-Hop History

Sha-Rock is the first female emcee-rapper of hip hop culture “on wax” or record on vinyl from its inception in the 1970s. She began as a local b-girl, or breakdancer, in the earliest days of South Bronx hip hop scene and culture in the late 1970s. The Funky 4 + 1, Sha-Rock being the plus one, had their first significant hit with the 12-inch single “Rapping and Rocking the House” on Sugarhill Records (1979) as well as “That’s the Joint” (1980) which both appeared on national television. As an early pioneer affiliated with the Zulu Nation, MC Sha-Rock inspired a style of rapping emulated and made notable by Run DMC called the “echo chamber

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