The D.O.C. Speaks On “No Vaseline” & His Friendship w/ Ice Cube

The legendary D.O.C. sat down with VladTV this time around to discuss his relationship with Ice Cube and the rest of N.W.A. after the group separated. As far as Dr. Dre is concerned, the superproducer remains in good graces with the Dallas native. “Dre is my guy,” D.O.C. told DJ Vlad during their talk.

When it comes to Ice Cube, “he’s one of the great ones. He’s definitely one of the G.O.A.T.s.,” said The D.O.C. Once the infamous group disbanded and made diss tracks towards one another the tension went through the roof between them, although D.O.C. says it wasn’t fully intentional. “We weren’t like that,” he began. “Even if that’s what happened, we weren’t like that. Maybe a couple of those guys felt some kind of way, but I like Cube. I f**k with Cube all the way.”

When asked why he felt Cube didn’t call him out on “No Vaseline,” he said “at that time I was a disabled rapper, I couldn’t fight back. So, he would’ve seemed like a bully to push me around…I’m hoping that’s what it was. Either way, I’m glad he left D.O.C. out the picture.”


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