The D.O.C. Recalls Ghostwriting for Eazy-E During N.W.A. Days With VladTV

When having a debate about the best ghostwriters in the game, it’d be rather difficult to not include The D.O.C. During his days working with N.W.A. and beyond the legendary artist wrote for most artists on the Ruthless Records roster, The Chronic and Doggystyle. “I am one who believes – and I told you this earlier – that it’s the song business, bro. It’s not the ‘who gives a f**k who did this or that,’ because at the end of the day,it’s just words and music – they’ve gotta come together,” The D.O.C. explained during this insightful clip.

The D.O.C. also spoke on the times he’d watch Eazy-E take credit for his tracks. “I used to sit around and Eazy would have to answer questions about the lyrics that I’d written, and he would answer [them] just sharp…And I’d be sitting there thinking ‘That ain’t why I wrote that,” he said. “That wasn’t Eazy’s thing. That wasn’t his gift.”

Focusing more on writing for others, DJ Vlad naturally asked The D.O.C. his thoughts on Drake not writing all his own lyrics. Being that him and his children are fans of the Canadian superstar, he said “You can put Drake wherever you want if that is your opinion – ’cause everybody got one.”


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