The Best Of The Tonite Show (Tracklist + Cover Art)

Dj.Fresh of The Whole Shabang put together The Best Of The Tonite Show “A Decade Of Slaps” ! Let’s rewing to early Thizz Days of Mistah Fab, Keak Da Sneak at the peak of Hyphy, Messy Marv Before The Boy Boy, and young rapper from west oakland named J-Stalin with the early crew mates of Livewire records and many more over the span of 10 years with all the slaps from the infamous Dj.Fresh & The Whole Shabang.  Thanks for your support over the years from Dj.Fresh personally.

1. 12’s 15’s Feat. Mr.Tower

2. Crime Pays Feat. J-Stalin, Smigg Dirtee, and Beeda Weeda
3. Found A Reason Feat. Chris The 5th
4. Go Nutz, Feat. Tech N9ne, Yukmouth, and The Grouch
5. Dreaming Feat. The Grouch
6. Just To Get High Feat. Messy Marv, J Stalin, and Shady Nate
7. Foothill, Acorn, Blood Feat. Chris The 5th, Shady Nate, and Lil Blood
8. Keep It Comin Feat. AP9
9. Needed You Feat. Ms Wildchild, Sonny Black, Mr. Tower, Young Gully, Ray Ryda, and Shady Nate
10. Project Nigga Feat. Philthy Rich, Mitchy Slick, and Messy Marv
11. Put On A Show Feat. Mitchy Slick, Planet Asia, and Murs
12 Ride With Me, feat. Shady Nate, Romenowski, and Hollywood
13. Stressed Out Feat. Lil Blood
14. Beast Mode Feat. Husalah, Stevie Joe, and Philthy Rich
15. Bottom Of The Bottle feat. Shady Nate, and Jay jonah
16. I’m Laced Feat. E-40, and Cousin Fik
17. If It About Feat. The Jacka, LiL Blood, and Mitchy Slick
18. Maxi Pads Feat. Keak Da SNeak
19. No HOe Remix Feat. D-Lo, Snoop Dogg, Dat Nigga Daz
20. Pimpin’ Feat. Jay Jonah, J Stalin, Shady Nate, and Mayback
21. Profilin Feat. LiL B, and Shady Nate
22. Prove It Tonite Feat. Deltrice
23. Riddin Dirty Feat. J Stalin, Philthy Rich, LiL Rue, Lil Blood, and Shady Nate
24. Sell My Coke Feat. Lil blood, and J Stalin
25. Sip Sumthin’ Feat. Shady Nate, Jay Jonah, and LiL Blood
26. The American Dream Feat. Bicasso
27. The Definition Of Gas Feat. Young Gully
28. The Hardest In The Bay – D-Lo
29. Urban Tactics Feat. Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth, The Hoodstarz, Sleepy D, T-Nutty, and Shady Nate
30. Real Talk Feat. San Quinn, and Sleepy D
31. You Maufukkin Rite Feat. Sleepy D
32. You Already Know Doe – D-Lo
33. Cop Heavy Feat. Keak Da Sneak
34. We Go Dumb out Here In The Bay – Mistah Fab

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