The BasedGod “Lil B” Delivers His Long Awaited Mixtape “Black Ken”
Lil B the basedgod returns with a brand new smash titled "My House", off the upcoming mixtape album "Black Ken"

Lil B has finally dropped his long-awaited mixtape “Black Ken.” First announced seven years ago, the album is what the enigmatic rapper calls his “first venture into hip hop” and his “first official mixtape,” although he has been putting music out for over 10 years. His first venture was with hip hop group The Pack, who found success with their hit song “Vans.”

Since then, Lil B has denounced all standards of hip hop—wearing Vans skate shoes as a fashion statement, dropping mixtapes with 100+ songs on them and having a completely different mindset in his rapping. He preaches positivity at one moment and plays the role of a gang banger the next. Lil B has gained icon status while being independent of a record label, solely depending on Myspace pages and music videos hosted on Youtube as well as his Twitter page. Lil B’s character and its intricacies could fill textbooks, but for now, the rapper has left us with “Black Ken,” a pinnacle of Lil B’s career in terms of production and rapping.

Lil B the basedgod returns with a brand new smash titled “My House”, off the upcoming mixtape album “Black Ken”

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