That’s Racist (Starring Mike Epps)

Mike Epps is no stranger to raising eyebrows, all the while making audiences laugh with his risqué brand of comedy. The 43-year-old actor and comic unashamedly laces his sold-out stand-up acts with what some have deemed to be inappropriate jokes, mostly revolving around race. Next fall, Epps will continue to explore this relevant hot button topic in his customary funny and taboo fashion with That’s Racist, a new web series on AOL. (Yes, AOL is coming for Netflix and Hulu.)

That’s Racist is a man-on-the-street series that follows Epps on his quest to uncover the origins of racist jokes by interviewing those at the receiving end. “This is a real touchy subject and only certain people can touch it. We thought we’d shed some light on it,” says Epps, who adds that the eye-opening show will take on stereotypes of all cultures and races from around the world. “Some racist jokes are based on truths and others on stereotypes. The show examines the source, and at the same time, we get a good laugh out of it.” Some long-lived stereotypes Epps tackles include the link between fried chicken and Blacks and the frugal ways of Jews.

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