Teens Beat 15 Year Old For Shoes and ‘World Star Hip Hop’ Notoriety

A Pittsburgh recreation center that was  built as a safe-haven for kids became the spot of a brutal beating, according to police.

The Brookline recreation facility, designed as an investment in local teens, is now the scene of a criminal investigation. Boys of all ages had come to the facility to play sports and work out, keeping them off the streets and safe from crime, until now.

Investigators say a 15 year old boy who’d come to the center to play basketball was brutally beaten by a group of boys outside the recreation center.

As the 15 year old white teen was walking, he was approached by a group of African-American teens who began mercilessly beating him, apparently to steal his shoes and make a name for themselves on the web.

During the video, the teens beating the 15 year old can be heard shouting “World Star”, which is believed to be a reference to the web site WorldStarHipHop. After shouting out the website, the group of teens began pummeling the 15 year old.

One teen recorded the beating on his cell phone.

City Councilman Judge Jim Motzni, who helped get financing for the recreation center, was disturbed by the video.

“This rec center, this area where kids come should be a safe haven,” said Motznik. “Kids should be able to come here without fear.”

The beating seems to end when girls enter the scene.

The victim did not suffer serious injuries.

Watch the video here.


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