#TBT: Yukmouth interview with siccness.net

As always the homie Yuk did not have a shortage for words. We got to talk about the new album and why it has not yet been released, his new female artist Lady Ice, how he ended his beefs, and a little bit of everything else.

Siccness: When is Million Dollar Mouth Piece coming out?

Yukmouth: I have been working like a mutha ####a on that! We are looking at a January or February release and the wait is definitely worth it.

Siccness: Why has there been a wait?

Yukmouth: Yeah it did take long but I have been getting my independent paper. I have been getting my paper off the independent ####. With me putting so much heart and soul into my #### I just felt like my #### wasn’t getting pushed right or every time I dropped I felt like it wasn’t a proper video or single. My #### needs to be pushed and everything needs to be there and now that we are at Asylum there is a big engine that can push the #### and I am ready to drop. I’m about to give ya’ll some new #### to bump! I’m a world wide ni##a and my #### needs to be everywhere! Now it is all right and everything is good and I’m ready to drop.

Siccness: Do you have an actual release date?

Yukmouth: I don’t have the certified release date yet until I turn the album in so I’m about to turn the album in either this month or next month. The fans have been waiting too long so it is time to give them that fire.

Siccness: So there is no more beefs?

Yukmouth: No there is no more beef and that is a good thing. I aint beefing with nobody just this industry from keeping me from getting my money and that is not a bad beef. I’m gonna show you mutha ####az what I’m worth and if you cant pay me what I’m worth you wont get the album.

Siccness: Did you and Spider Loc squash everything too?

Yukmouth: I got the Spider Loc beef squashing on camera! We actually filmed that and it will be on United Ghettos Volume Three and I talked to Spider and C-Bo talked to Young Buck.

Siccness: Did you talk to anyone else?

Yukmouth: I talked to JT The Bigga Figga personally and I talked to Daz face to face and squashed that. To all the people I squashed the beef with I talked to face to face. To all the people who had beef it was either we gonna f!ght, pull the guns out or squash it and make some money together. I seen these ni##az face to face with no big a$s crew. I’m a man and I don’t need to have a thousand ni##az to talk to you. Being a leader I cant put my peoples in danger like that behind some bull ####. I feel better and like I can get more money now. I can walk around with out having to look over my shoulders and be ready to beat a ni##a a$s at all times. Now I’m relaxed and it is a beautiful feeling.

Siccness: Tell me about the female you signed to your label?

Yukmouth: Right now I got Lady Ice who is a female rapper out here in LA and she is like 19. She is young has she has longevity and I’m about to put her #### out.

Siccness: Is there anything else homie?

Yukmouth: Million Dollar Mouthpiece is in stores the first quarter, United Ghettos Of America Eye Candy will probably be in stores around Christmas, and The Regime is doing a joint venture with Roy Jones. Everybody log in to smokealotrecords.com to keep tuned into what I got going.

10-13-2006, 02:25 PM

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