Talib Kweli And IDK Talk Kanye, Denzel Curry, & How Prison Influenced His Music | People’s Party

On this episode of People’s Party, Talib Kweli and Jamsin Leigh sit down with rapper, singer, and producer IDK. They discuss how he found his voice as an artist while incarcerated at age 17, his first time meeting Kanye West, and Kanye’s confounding relationship with Donald Trump.

This interview reveals a rapper on the rise and a man who isn’t afraid to be open or honest with his fans — both in the booth and on People’s Party. The insight that comes with that fearlessness makes the episode esse

ntial viewing.

Later, the conversation expands to IDK’s close friendship with Denzel Curry, his wide-ranging influences as an MC, and his personal take on religion. Kweli, Jasmin, and IDK also dig into the stories behind some of the most attention-grabbing and thoughtful tracks off of “Is He Real?” — from “Porno” to “Julia…”.

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