Suspect In Murder Of Kenny Clutch Caught In Los Angeles

Suspect, Ammar Harris has been caught and brought into custody in Los Angeles, and will face three murder charges.

The suspected shooter in the drive-by that left aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch as well as 3 others dead in Las Vegas last week, has surrendered in Los Angeles. The suspect, who was identified earlier in the week as Ammar Harris, was found by police in a gym at the Archview Luxury Apartments in Studio City, and taken into custody.

Police believe that Harris, who they suspect is a pimp, was involved in an argument with Clutch following a show  featuring French Montana at Haze nightclub in Las Vegas.

According to the report, Harris fired five shot from his black Range Rover at Clutch’s Maserati, which subsequently crashed into a taxi cab, killing both the driver and passenger in the vehicle.

Harris now faces 3 murder charges, including one attempted, as well as a few other charges related to the shooting.


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