Sunspot Jonz: History Of Mystik Journeymen & Living Legends, Underground HipHop, Meeting Kurt Cobain

History of the Bay Podcast Ep. 60: Sunspot Jonz fka BFAP is one half of Mystik Journeymen and a founding member of Living Legends. Growing up in East Oakland, he fell in love with music early but didn’t identify with gangsta rap trends. This led Sunspot to find like-minded artists in the underground hip-hop scene, like his partner Luckyiam fka PSC, who joined Mystik Journeymen. Frustrated with the mainstream music industry, they pressed their own tapes and CDs, created their own magazine, and threw their own shows, including the Broke Ass Summer Jam. After traveling the world independently, the Journeymen became founders of the Living Legends crew along with Grouch, Murs, Eligh, Arata, Scarub, Bicasso, and Aesop. Since then, the Legends have sold millions of units and continue independently touring around the world.

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