Suge Knight’s Lawyers Claims To Have Video Of Him Being Ambushed

Rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight was the victim of an armed ambush, and there’s video supporting that claim, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Lawyer David Kenner said surveillance footage from a hamburger stand in Compton, Calif., and other undisclosed video evidence back up Knight’s assertion that he feared for his life when he struck two men with his truck – killing one of them – as he fled Tam’s restaurant on Jan. 29.

“In my estimate, what some of the video shows is that Mr. Knight was called there as part of an ambush to kill him, and what he did in driving out in the manner and way in which he did was to avoid being killed,” Kenner told the Daily News.

“We know there were guns there,” he said, adding that five or more men were involved in the parking lot skirmish.

“A person, after viewing all of the material, would agree that it supports an armed ambush that Mr. Knight found himself in, and he left the only way he could without being killed,” he said.

Kenner declined to comment on the specifics of video evidence turned over as discovery in Knight’s murder case. But unidentified sources told that video from Tam’s shows gang member-turned filmmaker Cle “Bone” Sloan pointing a gun at Knight shortly before Knight struck Sloan and second victim Terry Carter with his three-ton Ford F-150 Raptor truck.

Carter died from his injuries.

TMZ said the footage purportedly shows someone taking a gun from Sloan’s hand and walking away with it in the aftermath of the fatal hit and run.

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