Suge Knight Accused Of Being Government Informant

Labeling someone a snitch is a very serious accusation. Things get even more serious when the accused is Suge Knight. Lloyd Lake is saying just that with a new documentary tentatively titled Justice For Tupac & Biggie.

Lake, who has known Suge since 1994, is raising questions that have yet to be posed. With his G file filled to the brim with incidents of violence, it is hard to imagine Knight as a stool pigeon.

But when you consider some of Lloyd’s theories about the former Death Row Records executive’s extensive history of getting arrested but never doing any hard time, you start to wonder. Additionally, long time associate and former Head Of Security at Death Row Records Reggie Wright is also putting the snitch jacket on Suge.

So naturally Hip-Hop Wired caught up with Lloyd Lake to talk his history with Knight, legal corruption and why the Hip-Hop community should help Kickstart the project.

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