Spice-1 Is Tired Of People Disrespecting Legends Of Rap

Spice-1 recalls cops forcing him and Tupac to drink when they were caught with alcohol underage

I remember when he was 20 and I was 19 we use to stand in front of the liquor store and try to get people to buy alcohol for us. He was just in Juice and my first album just dropped. People would be like “Damn, what tghe hell, ya’ll can’t buy alcohol?” They got us some Hennessy and a 40 and we started walking to the club and the cops pulled us over. They seen me throw the 40 and the Hennessy in the bushes. They asked us our names and IDs and they told us to get the liquor out of the bushes. They made us drink both bottles and we was twisted.

Spice-1 is tired of people disrespecting legends of Rap – Lil Yachty is a bitch

When they start disrespecting me and fallen legends from Tupac to Pimp-C and when they start disrespecting people who paved the way for them then I got a problem and I’m gonna f’n say somethin! I don’t give a fuck about how much money they are making as long as they dont disrespect our fallen legends. It can’t be allowed for these mutha fuckas to say something about people who are dead, it can’t be allowed. Fuck these niggaz if they gonna disrespect OGs then we are gonna smash back. I heard Lil Yachty say “Fuck the OGs”, Lil Yachty is definitely a bitch for saying fuck the OGs. He dont even realize he got my hairstyle. Then he got the nerve to say fuck the OGs.
By Prezident Bejda

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