South Carolina’s Roc & Yella Drop “Trust No More” Single Featuring Candice Mims

After releasing a successful project Ain’t NoLoyalty executive produced by DJ Burn One and narrated by DJ B-Lord, South Carolina rappers, Roc & Yella are releasing a new song called “Trust No More” featuring the emotional and touching vocals of Candice Mims

Roc & Yella broke into the blog world with songs like “Lost A Lot” and “Wide Open” from their mixtape Ain’t No Loyalty which was picked up by sites like ThisIs50,

, MixxMigazine, Dirty Glove Bastard, HipHopDx,  HHS1987, LunchNLeftovers, PassionWeiss, TrapsNTrunks,YouHeardThatNew and more.

For this song, Roc & Yella talk about the struggles of being in a serious relationship while having trust issues. Candice Mims sings from the perspective of a woman that is trying to change the ways of her man rearranging his doubts about her.

“Anytime you need me just call, thats all baby / You don’t trust nomore, so you don’t love no more, but I could change it, rearrange it.”  –Candice Mims singing on Roc & Yella’s “Trust No More” 



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