South Carolina’s Raw Wattage Realease New Single “Dakota”

(Columbia, South Carolina) As our newly elected “illegitimate president” signs the permits to unblock the Dakota Access Pipeline, hip-hop group Raw Wattage continues the push of their current project “N.E.W.S.” shedding light on the issue. Produced by Dj/Producer of the group, “Dj F.X.”, the gritty drums over sampled keys give a profound soundscape for the group to use their voice to bring awareness to Standing Rock and Sioux Tribe. The battle for the sacred land should not exist as the already divided country in desperate need of healing moves forward, Raw Wattage will continue to bring you Not Everyday Words for Society (N.E.W.S.)

In a day and age where trap music prevails and beats and rhymes seem to have taken a back seat to the trap, Hip-Hop duo P Watts and DJ FX who make up the duo Raw Wattage are here to set the standard straight. Taking things back to the basics with an emcee and a DJ combo, a la Eric B. And Rakim or Jazzy Jeff and Prince, this duo is here to cut through the decisiveness that is America in 2017.

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