Snug Brim On Mac Dre’s Death & The Impact It Had On The Bay and Kansas City

For years Snug Brim was part of the KCMO Hiphop scene making plenty of noise in the underground. Recently he was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show, he spoke about upcoming tours, future and current projects, and also his time with Strange Music.

During the interview Snug spoke about the Impact Mac Dre’s death had on the relationship between the Bay and Kansas City

” It’s another place from home, it’s like our older cousins out there. It’s that connection. No disrespect but after Mac Dre died we don;t get respect out there. Rich brought that Bay to Kansas City and it stayed here for awhile until Mac Dre got killed here of course. I was a big Mac Dre fan too, that hurt the city as a whole. He was out here often, I think the guy even had a house out here.


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