Snoop Dogg & The House Of Blues In Houston Crip Again

Snoop Dogg Make America Crip Again

Snoop actually had a busy weekend in Houston. On Saturday night, he was spotted at the Hilton Americas Hotel performing at the private holiday party for The Buzbee Law Firm. Later that night, he rocked the party at Spire Night Club in Downtown Houston. He finally hit the stage at the House of Blues on Monday night with more than an hour’s worth of classics.

It was a full house of fans of Snoop’s West Coast style, which is a mix of menacing gangster music and fun loving stoner rap. Thanks to security at the door, the room was not full of weed smoke, although plenty was provided by the MC himself. Ever the showman, the stage was outfitted with large video screens that provided ambiance to the whole experience. The rapper’s live backing band made every song sound crisp and funky, with the crowd rapping along to mostly every song.

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