Snoop Dogg Preaches At P Diddy’s Thanksgiving Party

Mega Rap Star Snoop Dogg and company celebrated the 2017 Thanksgiving Holiday with the East Coast Rap Tycoon Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs for a lavish meal and laughs this past Thursday.

The “Drop It Likes It’s Hot” hitmaker and his family headed to Diddy’s mansion to mark the American holiday, and Snoop was blown away the moment he stepped into his pal’s spacious backyard and saw a long table set up for the big dinner party.
He filmed his reaction for fans on Instagram, in which he sang along to the soul classic If You Don’t Know Me by Now by Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, which was being pumped out of the outdoor speakers.

“This how Puffy doin’ it,” Snoop remarked, referring to Diddy by his old stage name of Puff Daddy.

Turning the camera to his impressed wife Shante, he asked, “You like it boss lady?” to which she replied, “Hell yeah!”
Snoop then joked about having to match Diddy’s extravagance to keep his wife happy for their next holiday gathering.
He later shared a few more snaps from the party, which was also attended by DJ Khaled.

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