Snoop Dogg and MC Hammer join anti-gun debate

Snoop Dogg says rappers could help put a stop to gun violence in the US. Speaking at an event in San Francisco to raise awareness of his No Guns Allowed campaign, the musician said he believed today’s rap music lyrics are less violent then when he entered the business twenty years ago and urged young people to stay away from guns. “We are the voices that the youth listen to,” Snoop said. “They respect us, so we are the ones who actually can put a half pause on the gun violence when we speak as one as a whole rap community. “I feel like the rappers rapping about gun violence has definitely depreciated. It’s went down but we don’t have an effect on the laws.”

The “No Guns Allowed” campaign was established last year after the Sandy Hook school shooting to pressure lawmakers to pass common-sense gun laws, including mandatory background checks. Fellow rapper MC Hammer and football great Joe Montana joined Snoop Dogg at a charity event after the press conference, where items including signed football helmets and artwork painted by Snoop Dogg were auctioned off to raise money for the cause. Last year Snoop Dogg recorded a song and music video to go along with his “No Guns Allowed” campaign with Drake and his daughter performing along side him.

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