Snoop Discusses Gun Violence

In a lengthy interview with HipHopDX, Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion spoke about his maturing perspective, and shared what he thinks can be done to curb gun violence amongst teenagers in so many inner city communities.

“One of [the ways] is doing what I’m doing: correcting my mistakes by being a better person and putting out more energy and more music that represents what we’re going through as opposed to what we went through,” he said.

“I ain’t going through that no more,” he added. “I’m going through what you’re going through, watching the world and watching the power that I have and watching the way people react when I walk into a room. What should I do with this power? Should I abuse it? Should I continue to send my peoples down the wrong path? Or should I at least try to wake them up and let them know that there is another way and show them that the way that I’m doing it may be the new way. They’ve been following everything else that I’ve been giving them, let me give them something that got some substance to it with thought behind it.”

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