Smoovie Baby Hooks Up With IamSu & Show Banga For “How U Luv That?” Single

The Bay Area has made an incredible resurgence in the past year, spearheaded by the HBK Gang movement around IamSu and Sage The Gemini. Like many other cliques in Hip-Hop, the Heartbreak Kids are bringing along their homies and it looks like Smoovie Baby may have a hit on his hands with this one!

Locals will probably already be familiar with Smooovie Baby, but on December 2nd the Fairfield native will be giving his official debut with the album “Stay True“, dropping via Black Money / EMPIRE. The album features the likes of Sage The Gemini, IamSu, Show Banga and more.
The first single exploded in the Bay Area over the weekend, called “How U Luv That” featuring IamSu and Show Banga:



Listen: Smoovie Baby Ft. IamSu & Show Banga – How U Luv That


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