Smigg Dirtee – #Dirtee

Sacramento/San Diego’s own Smigg Dirtee releases his highly anticipated album #Dirtee. #Dirtee consists of 11 tracks with features from Sonny Bo, Ricky Ruckus & more. “The Incredible Dirtee Boy” delivers motivational music for your hustle or grind on “The Flow.” Definitely a track to wake n bake then ride out to. As much as auto-tune is played out, Sonny Bo and Smigg make it work for them on the chorus of “Rolling Stone.” The Dirtee boy lyrically pledges his allegiance to the hustle on “Drug Dealer Paranoia” then question rumors about himself on “Facts.” Promising to never bow out I can’t help but think of Smigg Dirtee’s commitment to the rap game ever since I heard him spit as Silas on underground West Coast tapes. This explains to me why Smigg has a strong fan base that will definitely appreciate this new release. Also released today was a special edition of his 2005 album, God Made Dirt with new bonus tracks.

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