Seattle’s Donte Peace Cancels Class on “F*ck Skoo”

Seattle rapper Donte Peace embraces the dark side and gives absolutely zero fucks in his harrowing new video for “F*ck Skoo,” which is also the latest single off his upcoming project, Black Babylon.

The clip portrays the life of a man on the edge, willing to do whatever it takes (in this case, kidnapping and murder) to get what he feels is rightfully his. As Peace raps on the track, “Boy, I’m livin’ fast/ Fast livin’, probably never last/ ‘til then, I’ll be stackin’ cash.” Clearly, he knows death is creeping around the corner of his own existence, and it’s that mindset that’s led him to a downward spiral of crime and death.

The video is directed by A.K. Romero, who captures the menace and grit of “F*ck Skoo” with fast-moving visuals and borderline-disturbing settings. As for the track itself, the snarling instrumental was produced by 10Fold, who provides Peace with everything he needs to throw his middle-finger up at whoever’s listening (and watching).

Check out the visuals, and stay tuned for Donte’s self-released new album, Black Babylon set to drop this March

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