Sbvce x Baegod x Chuuwee “We Know The Real #WeSeeYou”

This is a brand new release from Producer/Rapper Sbvce from his upcoming project.  He also just released two volumes of Bedroomtrap instrumentals from his most popular remixes and songs from his artists Maryann and Takticz.  The song features fellow Sacramento artists and frequent collaborators Chuuwee and The “Baegod” Maryann.  Chuuwee just released “The South Sac Mack” with JR & PH7.  After Maryann’s latest singles “Struggle Rapper” and “Side Buster” ft. A Wax and Waka Flocka, she is gearing up for the release of her “Bedroomtrap’n” project, which will also feature Chuuwee and Sbvce.


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