San Francisco’s Qing Qi & Accomplice Arrested In Connection With Burglary

GRASS VALLEY — Two women were arrested early Saturday after burglarizing a CVS in Brunswick.

Around midnight, Grass Valley officers were dispatched to the scene but the suspects had already fled.

Soon after, a Nevada County officer stopped the two suspects on southbound Highway 49. When the officer asked for their identification, the driver turned the car back on and sped off.

Police say she narrowly avoided major injuries to the officer.

The officer gave chase but lost sight of the suspects near Lone Star Road because their speed reached 120 mph and their headlights were off.

An Auburn deputy attempted to catch up to the suspects after they sped past recklessly at 100 mph but couldn’t close the distance.

The suspects continued through Auburn and eventually lost control and crashed near the court house.

Both suspects, identified as San Francisco residents Nikia Durgin and Kayla Jones, fled on foot but were eventually caught trying to take an Uber to Oakland.

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